TITLE: Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away from Oil

Why are we still in the Middle East? The average person doesn’t actually know why we are there. Instead, it’s now just widely accepted that we routinely deploy troops to that part of the world without asking a lot of questions.
In reality, troops are in the Middle East to ensure the flow of oil for the entire world. With costs in both lives and dollars beyond what most Americans ever realize, the decision to stay in and maintain the Middle East flow of oil comes with an incredible price tag for our country.
Even worse, for decades people believed the situation was getting better. But it wasn’t. Despite the oil embargoes in the 1970s, the airline hijackings and dozens of terrorist incidents in the 1980s and beyond, the Gulf War of 1990-1991 and 9/11, our dependence on foreign oil dramatically increased from 28% in the 1970s to 60% in 2006. We still actually protect the sale and flow of oil that funds terrorism against the United States.
In this thought-provoking talk, Former Indianapolis Mayor and retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marines, Greg Ballard, engages audiences with a blend of past, present and the future of both the US and the world’s dependence on oil. With plenty of political buzz around energy independence and conservation, this session will clearly outline where we’ve been and where our country needs to go to truly address the crisis surrounding oil.


TITLE: The Long Term Outlook: Why Cities Need to Shift to a Post-Oil Technology Mindset

When retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marines, Greg Ballard became Mayor of Indianapolis in 2008, he knew he would need to make strategically savvy long-term decisions to ensure the growth of the city well into the future.
Mayor Ballard also knew that he would be faced with the same issues that keep many mayors up at night—fuel, parking, traffic, jobs, happy constituents.
In this compelling presentation, Mayor Ballard shares why and how his approach to leading the city of Indianapolis through two terms took a different direction. Using his military expertise and years of research, Mayor Ballard designed a platform to create mobility options in the city and reduce its dependence on oil.
What if you could encourage companies to convert their vehicle fleet to electric? Are the talent and companies that you are seeking to attract looking at the forward movement of your city/state? What if you embraced the benefits of post-oil technology and allowed them to serve you and your constituents in new and creative ways?
As a Visiting Fellow for Civic Leadership and Mayoral Archives at the University of Indianapolis, Mayor Ballard is well-versed in strategies for mayors, city leaders and university campus officials. Let him engage your audience in this important conversation.


TITLE: Post-Oil Technology: What You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Our Need for Oil

What if you could be part of a movement to defund terrorism and save American lives through the use of technology solutions in the United States? This may sound like a tall order, but Former Indianapolis Mayor and retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marines, Greg Ballard, believes our nation’s college campuses are where the solution to reducing our dependence on oil truly begins.
The data doesn’t lie—producing more oil locally won’t work. Because Asia buys more than two-thirds of Middle Eastern oil, terrorism will continue to be funded, Russia and OPEC will continue to have enormous strategic leverage, and our troops won’t be able to come home, no matter how much oil we produce in the USA.
In this engaging conversation, Mayor Ballard will share a new path forward focused on post-oil technology. 70% of the world’s oil is used for transportation. What if we shifted our reliance on oil by focusing on transportation options instead?
If you’re ready for a discussion about what you, your peers and your campus can do to make a real impact in our world right now, this talk is for you. Join the movement to create a world of post-oil technology solutions today!

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